Business Development Navigators

Questions answered.  Connections made.

The Problem

  • Entrepreneurs / Small Business Owners search for resources and identification of key requirements to establish or grow their business.

  • In the Greater Ann Arbor Region, there are a myriad of resources (organizations that support start-ups and small businesses) and governmental entities.

  • There are no services within current resources / agencies to "be a pair of hands" -- to bring forth and guide the entrepreneur or small business owner through the maize of necessary connections and administrative process steps to establish themselves and grow in the region.

The Solution

  • A centralized, collaborative entrepreneur management service -- Business Development Navigator.

  • will recruit and prepare Entrepreneurs / Small Business owners by stringing together the appropriate services and requirements of existing agencies to enable a successful launch.

  • will coordinate contact, connection and administrative requirements across the Greater Ann Arbor Region.

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